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EWR is a specialist in the manufacturer and the supply of cathodes edge strips, anodes insulators, cathodes blanks, busbars, capping boards & other Electrowinning services & solutions



Edge strips made of different types of plastics, designed to
achieve high levels of chemical and mechanical resistance in
different cathodes designs and plate thicknesses. Under
normal operating conditions in an electowining or
electrorefinery plant, is generated a plastic expansion due to
high temperatures and a wear on plates that creates a
difference in final measurements when plastic edge strips is
used. We offer you a variety of dimensional options, plastic
edge grooves to solve these problems.

Corner Boots

When a bottom strip is used corner boots are fitted to both seal and protect the mitred corners.

Available to suit both sections of edge strip they are injection moulded from a high grade PVC and retained in place using a commercial grade PVC glue during assembly.

Retainer Strips

Retainer strips are used to ensure the edge strips remain on the cathode.

The pins locate into holes drilled along the sides of the cathode (and the bottom where bottom strips are used).

The retainer strips then align with the slots in the edge strip during assembly. The retainers are precision injection moulded and are available in 5 and 6 pin configurations.

They are supplied complete with re-usable drive type fixings.

Top Pins

Top pins are used to fix the edge strip to the cathode to prevent the strip from sliding off.

One pin is used per side strip and locates through holes drilled into the top of the edge strip and the cathode.

Our one-piece, three-sided track type assembly features integrally moulded corner boots and a bottom edge strip to:

  • Reduce costs on maintenance
  • Increase harvest cycles
  • Extend Cathode Lifespan

Durable, injection moulded corner pieces:

  • Cleaner cathode edges
  • Improves cathode quality
  • Makes stripping easier
  • Protects against metal nodulation at the cathode bottom corner
  • Eliminate potential for short circuits and reduced plant efficiency
  • Protects the bottom Cathode corner and avoids damage to the Cathodes
  • Protect against anode insulator damage caused by knife edge “v” groove at cathode bottom

The H-Type edge strip makes use of pinch mechanics by using an oversized rod to create a clamping effect.

This design allows for a strong fit on cathode plates.

The design allows for a two sided or three sided edge strip assembly.

This Edge strip is easy to install and remove. It is extremely tough and is resistant to high temperatures as well as high resistance to corrosion, while remaining flexible and durable.

Due to its simple nature it is cost effective when compared to traditional edge strip systems.

MasQ Edge strips can be manufactured to any size.


Our Anodes are available in different sizes and can be made to customer specifications.

Only the finest materials are used in the manufacturing of our Anodes.


We are able to supply premium quality Cathodes that meet international standards at competitive prices.

Manufactured for longevity, durability. Robotically welded, EWR cathodes are oxygen free solid copper hanger bar, coextruded with SS 316L


EWR supplies Anode Stiffeners, manufactured from polypropylene, they are designed with multiple fixing points, making spacers very difficult to dislodge.

These stiffeners are used in major electrowinning plants, proven to be reliable, durable and effective at improving current efficiencies. These fittings are easy to install and are usually added to the anodes during routine cell cleanout.


Busbars for Electro winning Tank houses.

Produced in a continuous extrusion of copper according to ASTM B187 grade UNS C11000 to provide the highest electrical efficiency.


Manufactured with vinyl Ester, designed requirements & application to minimize damage, modified for excellent dimensional stability, EWR capping boards are suitable for Electrowinning & Electrorefining process